Friday, June 12, 2009

Mother's boy

i'm telling you guys this very interesting kepoh story.

there is this gal who fell in love with this pharm guy and at the same time there is this med guy who likes her.
The med guy gonna leave to a far far away place to further his studies.

One day, this med guy's mother called the gal.

She scolded the gal and told her she is a chigope and it is absolutely her lose if she doesn't on with her son because her son is a med guy which is a billion times better than the pharm guy.

For one reason: the med guy is a MED guy not a PHARM guy.

here i would like to tell the mother to freaking shut up because she just showed she is a frog buried deep deep down a muddy n stingy well who thinks medicine is the best.

And i would like to congratulate the gal for not choosing the med guy because when they break up, the guy's mother would definitely do something silly again and if unfortunately they got married, she will live forever in hell.

To the guy's mother,EFF U!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

perhaps mugging is all about jialat-ing =(

Friday, April 17, 2009

I will always be your friend

you know when i was very young, about 6 years old..
one day my bro came back from school crying..
(believe me, he was very cute when he was young..tho not so much now..haha..)
my mum asked what happened?
he said school distributed this free little packet of oatmeal to them..
n a boy,whose parent used to send my bro home intimidated him for his packet of oatmeat, saying their friendship is over if he doesn't give up his
n my bro, being so cute n naive gave away his..
n then my mum said this thing tat i will never forget
"son, even when nobody wants to be your friend, i will always be yours"

Monday, March 16, 2009

虽然一直都没有两句, 但数一数就知道他是仅有少数愿意在困难的时候, 毫不计较帮助我们的人。


Sunday, March 15, 2009

About debates

Today, out of nowhere i felt like recounting the precious moments in intec.

Oh ya, the one thing i remember is the 50++ hours debate record set by our school.

And i remember che jie participated..
the topic was 'make hay while the sun shines'
She was so nervous up there that she kept mumbling and staring at her notes..
when the opposition asked why not make hay when it rains?
she said..'to cut cost'
which was really funny that i laughed even when i'm typing now..haha..
n i'm sure she remembers it too..for it's probably one of the most embarrassing moments in her life..with ppl around laughing at her..

But i just wana say u were really brave! n I'm really proud of u..
it's true man!! we make hay while the sun shines..TO CUT COST U ARSE!
what else do u think huh? memorable...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Not going to nz

ya..i'm not going to nz this winter..
cuz come to think of it, we needa buy thick clothes and thick sleeping bags....n v are only gonna use them for 2 weeks.not worth it...
but promise will go in the summer..with cha..
I informed pat, cha n chejie dy..
so sheauwen, you must come to's probably the only thing i can look forward to at the moment..poor me...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Merry Christmas folks..tho i do not celebrate it. haha.

Well, i'm doing pretty good here..with the automatically renewed internet using my credit card without my permission..n the moving issue which requires me to talk to a stranger and ask for his help to move out all my, uncle and cha's stuff to his place using his being absolutely alone on christmas day.n i'm still perfectly ok..

Really had lotsa fun this summer..n learnt alot..tho din earn alot..hehe..i went to work for's the western australian cricket association..where they had a 5-day-match function. Got to know a chef..he is kinda cool..muahaha..n he said i'm qualified to be his sous chef..proud proud..mayb i should consider being a chef in case i din pass the pharmacy course? too bad i din snap his..if not i will post his photo here..haha..

Again today is christmas day..which means nobody is opened for business..not even kfc..n chilliz decided to take a 1 month leave without alerting its regular customer, me. So, i bet i really got to get myself cooking..with oni eggs, vege, ric and lotsa spaghetti in the fridge.. sounds delicious??

gonna go to s'pore next sat..kinda looking forward to fellowship of buffet..liana u are definitely in..n karen khow as well. last but not least can i forget u?? hehe..