Saturday, April 5, 2008

My first post

Endless mugging and munching could really kill one's brain cells and sanity. After a week of studying with endless junk food, sm and i got so bored on thursday nite that v decided to visit our fren in UWA. Guess who??

WRONG!!!!!!!! NOT kacua keong
(he is not significant la...hehe =p)

IT's our form 5 fren, miss chuah li shan..



Name: Li shan chuah
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Height: secret
weight: again secret
Status: UN-available

After an hour++ bus trip from curtin, v finally arrived at UWA...which resembles harry potter's Hogwart alotz.....

C?? looks nice rite?? much better than curtin from the first sight >.< (the fact is: the outer looks good..but the luv curtin..)

The entrance..
UWA's Field with a shallow pond in the middle *the water was green tho*


I like the words - it says, "SOCRATES- who sought truth always by the path of open discussion and free enquiry. may his spirit preside here at all times'

Another field..with a lot of crows in many that u wun b surprised if 2 crow's shit kena ur head at the same time..

It felt kinda weird to b in a uni with such quiet environment....v couldn't hear ppl talking but crows...*SCARY*

After an hour walk in the campus, miss chuah finaly finished her class n v went to the the indian restaurant in SWAN - Annalakshmi.. It's a cool place where u can eat as much as u like and pay as u wan. Sadly,it's a VEGE restaurant..understandable..if not, it probably wun b here nemore..hehe..

Most importantly, the concept of this shop act origin from m'sia. CAN U BELIEVE IT? FROM M'SIA!! where ppl wun feel paiseh paying rm1 for their food!!!neway, the food is quite ok with a very unique dessert...ginger juice + milk..taste gud~~
Annalakshmi - a tribute to indian god of plenty

Inside the restaurant

The food..(curry potato+rice+vege)

After food, v went to harbour town for shopping where i bot a pair of adidas sport shoes for $40...SO CHEAP MAN!!! *contented..i luv harbour town!! =D*

Btw-wana ask u guys' opinion..$60 winter jacket dei anot ar??

5th April 08

This morning, it was raining quite cold tat it woke me up....adipose tissue not tat thick la....haha..

After lunch, uncle, mr ang zen yang finally decided to get a haircut for 25 bucks( cuz v hav been complaining bout his untidy hair since v came..hehe) So v teman him to coles....cuz he is our specimen...wana c if the barber is gud at cutting hair bo...hehe..

There he went...

uncle: i wan my hair like tat like tat ar....@#$&%*
barber: okok

Preparing for haircut..

The procedures..



BEFORE: *hairstyle looks like mr mcD*


how izit? ying anot??? uncle: "me??hak se wui!!"

While waiting for him, cha n me went to buy some junkfood...CHOCOLATE IS ON SALES!!! I bot 3 blocks for &5.67!!!! Dirt Cheap LAH!!! n Taste so super nice >.< (pounds adding....n adding....adding somemore....)

So, the slim 'i-look-so-fat' sm suggested that v shud go jogging since all of us bot sport shoes . At 5pm sharp...v went to jog around the neighbourhood. It kinda remind me of the aids run v took part bek in intec...where v got first place (counted from the back=p)

Us, after jogging

reunion after 1 year from aids run..but pat pat is missing...(miss her n her tummy alot alot)

c the sweat?? the prove of our '20-mins-jogging' effort

sm & cha cooling down at the corridor. looks funny rite?? =D

had a chat wiv our U.S. housemate..molly..

she told us bout her trip to nz during the easter break..URGH..I SO WANA GO NZ NEXT YEAR!!!!

Talking about intec..i chatted with ck a few days ago n it reminded me of the hard times v had in intec...da pains..da tears..n our spirit...v fight as long as v live...LONG LIVE AUSSIE 9 SPIRIT!

Time to study liao...i shall end this post with a funny video of uncle mimicking xiu mou =D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha... ya come to ma uni at the wrg time d... fri aftrn is like tat one... business skl ppl all r clever ppl, arrange their time table to 3 days only.. so i guess fri not much happening in skl =)

wah... zeny, ya look good!!!!

...wifout the coat =)

seems like ya being cheated again by ju ann, i knw deep inside ya heart, ya dun like kc, but rather sumone in melb.. am i rgt? =)

April 5, 2008 at 7:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

walao, i knw i am not importnt one... nvm.. sorriee... cant make it to meet ya guys there...

April 5, 2008 at 7:18 AM  
Blogger put said...


U got blog!! not bad at bloggin wat..

i miss u miss u miss u miss u miss u!!

i stil got bring d aids run shirt here n stil wearin it.. n my fren:"aids run?" me:"i walk la obviously"..

i noe u miss me so u wana come nz!! miss u so very the much too!!! uncle's hair, look a bit better after the haircut la haha..

April 5, 2008 at 7:46 AM  
Blogger LiMiChi said...

HAHAHAHAHA UNCLE IS SOOOOO DAMN FUNNY!! SIU MOU!!! must tel siu mou to watch ah!! *laughing non-stop*

April 5, 2008 at 8:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ann je...mummy's here!!!$60 winter jacket not expensive lar...

May 15, 2008 at 1:59 AM  

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